Reminder to bring in Raffle Basket Items

Posted: April 19, 2022

A friendly reminder to please have your raffle basket donations in by Friday!  Thank you!


Family Fun Night Raffle Baskets  

This year, we are asking each classroom for donations towards a themed gift basket that will be raffled off at our Family Fun Night on Thursday May 12th, 2022. We are combining classrooms, and we will have 5 baskets in total.  

Attached is the theme your student’s class is collecting for, and some suggested donation ideas related to the theme.  

A container will be provided in each classroom where donations can be added. On Friday, April 22nd our volunteers will be gathering the items and getting the baskets ready for the raffle.  

Thank you in advance for all the donations and your continued support.  

Hello Parents and Guardians, this year we are putting together themed baskets that will be raffled off at our family fun night. We are asking for support through donations of items for the themed baskets.    

Gr. 6/7 Mrs. Laven & Gr. 6/7Mrs. Kempf  Div. 1 & 2  Games Galore 
Gr. 5/6 Ms. Hunter & Gr. 4/5 Miss Keller Div.  3 & 4  Gift Card Grab 
Gr. 3 /4 Mrs. Braun & Gr. 3 Mrs. Smith Div.  5 & 6  Camping Crazy 
Gr. 2 Mrs. Stoker & Gr. 1/2 Ms. Gander  Div.  7 & 8 Backyard BBQ 
Gr. K/1 Mrs. Tekatch/Mrs. Nicolson  

& Gr. K Ms. McCabe 

Div.  9 & 10  Break Time 

All donations are appreciated, and duplicates are fun!  


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