Principal’s Message


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Coghlan Fundamental Elementary School. Our school is part of an alternate school program that has operated for the last 30 years within the public school system. Our school follows the prescribed curriculum and School Act Regulations of the B.C. Ministry of Education. As an alternate program of the Langley School District, our school emphasizes:

• a consistent, structured approach to instruction and learning
• the attainment of skills in a systematic, sequential manner
• the establishment of a clearly defined standard of behaviour
• a learning environment enriched through parent/guardian support

At Coghlan Fundamental we value the interest and involvement of parents/guardians. We believe that when home and school work together, students accomplish more. In order for the partnership between students, parents/guardians and staff to be effective, it is essential that all members of the school community understand and support the philosophical position of the fundamental school. Within the context of a structured, teacher driven approach that emphasizes individual responsibility we encourage parents/guardians to be informed and knowledgeable partners in their child’s education.

The students at Coghlan Fundamental enjoy a rich learning environment enhanced by many activities. Our Parent Advisory Committee supports their implementation through fundraising and by providing much needed volunteers. Fun food days, technology, library, swimming, fine arts performances, sports teams, and dance instruction are just a few of the areas supported by parents/guardians at Coghlan Fundamental Elementary School.


Mrs. Linda Klassen

Coghlan Fundamental Elementary

4452 - 256 Street, Langley
BC, V4W 1J3
Phone: 604-856-8539
Fax: 604-856-4309