Dear families of Coghlan Fundamental Elementary:

Otter-Co-op Receipts

March 2020

As you are aware Otter Co-Op has changed their rebate program that applies to our school.  We can no longer submit till receipts and receive a gift card from Otter Co-Op. 

HOWEVER we have Great News! —- our school has been issued a Member # and you and your family/friends/neighbours can quote this number when you make any purchases at any of the 20 Otter Co-op retail locations throughout B.C.  Purchases that count are from the pharmacy, food, feed, liquor or petroleum – that’s all departments!!  If our group purchased $5,000 on our group member number that would equate to an average cash payment of $200 to Coghlan (in comparison with the $25 gift card previously offered). 

This is a huge increase in the amount that Coghlan could receive!

The Coghlan Fundamental Member Number is:   116993   

If you would like a card for your wallet please see Mrs. Laycock at the office, or put this member number into your cell phone as a contact.

Please offer this member number to your family and friends who have previously saved their till receipts for us.  

This is a quick and easy fundraiser for our school and benefits the kids as we can then provide free food events such as the Welcome Back Hot Dog Lunch, Christmas Pancake Breakfast and other events throughout the school year.  The more we use the Coghlan member number the greater rebate our school will receive and benefit all our kids.

Thank you for your support of this program!

Please contact the office and check the table in the front lobby of the school for other current fundraising opportunities.











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